Power of intercession - Kateřina Lachmanová


Power of intercession - Kateřina LachmanováUnique theme of the intercessory prayer, treated by a popular author Kateřina Lachmanová, comes to the world renowned publisher.

We are pleased to say that one of the latest books of the popular author of spiritual literature, The Power of Intercession, was recently published in Italy by a renowned publisher San Paolo. The author, Kateřina Lachmanová in this tiny book about intercessory prayer – still always unique on the world book market – talks about the ways how to intercede and how not to do it – i.e. about our inner attitudes which could increase infinitely the power of our prayer for others and, on the contrary, about the false attitudes that undermine its power and deprive us of the fruit of intercession.

Paperback, 125 pages
Collection: Spiritual life
Rights sold to: IT, PL, CR, SLVK


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